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Epping Forest Heritage Trust responds to various consultation documents, both locally and nationally, that we believe potentially pose threats to the Forest or  that we would very much welcome as it very much supports  the Forest and its visitors.

We are currently involved with the Local Plans for both LB Waltham Forest and Epping Forest District Council, including planning applications.  If you would like to get involved and perhaps help us to respond to local planning applications, please get in touch:

We are also a member of the Epping Forest Consultative Committee, which is hosted by the Conservators of Epping Forest who manage the Forest and meet 3 times a year.  At each meeting, we review the papers that the Conservators are planning to take to the next or a future Epping Forest and Commons Committee meeting, where decisions are made about the Forest and its management. Papers include plans and strategies for the Forest, which can include individual site proposals, strategic developments and policies.

Papers for both these meetings are available on the City of London website.

Next Epping Forest Consultative Committee meeting: 16th June 2021 @ 19:00.  For papers click HERE

Current Planning responses:


Members maybe interested in a recent report produced by Essex Climate Action Commission: Click here to read.