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Register to attend our 2021 AGM & Members' Day

Please use the form below to register to attend the AGM & Members’ Day.  Don’t forget to tell us if you’re attending part or all of the day for catering requirements.

Access to Copped Hall

Dear Member

I am just confirming the access arrangements for holding our AGM at Copped Hall

Copped Hall is managed by the Copped Hall Trust and it is only open to the public on their organised Open Days and for special events they hold. There is not open access..

Please look at the AGM leaflet, which provides details on the location of the entrance gate.  To enable access to the Copped Hall site, that gate will be staffed from 9:45 am to enable access until 10:30 am and will then be locked. From the gates, it is a short drive to Copped Hall. You will be shown where to park (in a field on the left as you come near to the hall) and shown into the hall.

If you have to leave early or when you leave at end of the day, you can simply drive back down the access road. We will have someone present there to assist.

Approach the gate (not too close as the gates open towards you) and the gate will open automatically.

With my good wishes and looking forward to meeting up again.