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Calling for new volunteers!

We are continuing with the operation of the Visitor Centre at High Beach and would welcome a few new volunteer Information Assistants. Most volunteers come 2 days a month, operating from 10 until 3. Training and a uniform are provided and you would be working with like-minded people, passionate about the Forest and keen to share it with others.

We are also looking for additional walk leaders. Perhaps you know an area of the Forest really  well or maybe you simply enjoy walking in the Forest and would be pleased to share your enthusiasm. We’ll also be reviewing how we deliver walks, making it a particularly good time to come on board.

For further information, get in touch via volunteering@efht.org.uk, or calling the office on 020 8508 9061

Epping Forest Heritage Trust was established in April 12, 2018 from the merger of the Friends of Epping Forest (established in 1969) with the Epping Forest Centenary Trust (established in 1978), the Centenary of the Epping Forest Act 1878. Whilst we are a new charity in name, we have a long history working for the Forest and its communities.

Our charitable objects are:

  1. To preserve and promote the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Epping Forest and to promote environmental conservation, protection and improvement in Epping Forest; and
  2. To advance education by promoting greater knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Epping Forest.

We respond to planning applications and developments and the many consultation documents and plans that could threaten the Forest.

We also run a programme of guided walks and more, including the annual Epping Forest Celebration Walk and produce publications about the Forest.

We operate the Epping Forest Visitor Centre at High Beach on behalf of the Conservators since April 2014. Click here for opening times and more details.

Increasingly, we are working with local groups around the Forest, to support their activities and to contribute a Forest-wide view to local issues and opportunities.

We believe that Epping Forest is an important and special place and are committed to support its future. We work closely with the City of London sharing our views and supporting key activities.

We are a membership organisation funded by members, grants and donations and supported by a small staff team and many volunteers.




The Management Committee consists of the Trustees of the Charity, who are supported by many volunteers. Membership is now nearing 1,100 households. We are working to become more influential and respected, with an increasingly large and diverse membership. Perhaps you would like to join us?

Epping Forest Heritage Trust is a local charity supported by people who care about Epping Forest.
Epping Forest Heritage Trust is registered with the Charity Commission and is a company limited by guarantee. It is governed by its Articles of Association last amended by Special Resolution and approved by Companies House on April 12, 2019.



Great news for the Trust!    Raising the Game for Epping Forest’s Heritage

Support has been gained from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for our submission of projects to Raise the Game for Epping Forest’s Heritage. Having relatively recently ‘emerged’ as the Epping Forest Heritage Trust, this project gives us the opportunity, with support of a part time Heritage Development Manager, to:

Commission a Strategic Business Plan for the Trust’s development for the next 3 years

Commission a marketing and fundraising consultant to work with us to develop a marketing and communications plan, to help us create a fundraising and income generation action plan and initiate a Membership development programme.

Secure support from a heritage consultant to deliver a feasibility study, an external review of the Trust’s services at Epping Forest Visitor Centre and an action plan for moving forward

This 18-month project will provide us with an agreed vision and way forward for us to enable us to further develop our work in the Forest and with its communities. The project process has included several workshops to enable us to bring in a variety of players to help us shape our future. This is exciting times and I look forward to starting this journey to raise our game for Epping Forest Heritage. With our thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the National Lottery Players who made this possible.



Our organisation

For the purposes of the Companies Act 2006, Trustees are Directors, forming the Board of Directors of the Company.

The Board can have up to 9 members, administers the charity and meets six times a year. Specialist advice comes from consultants when required.

Our current Trustees
Judith Adams- Chair
John Gilbert
Patricia Moxey
Michael Smith – Treasurer
Louise Vacher
Melissa Murphy

They are currently supported by two part time staff and many volunteers.

Click here to download our annual report for 2018/19, the first year of the ‘combined’ Trust, Epping Forest Heritage Trust.
Click here to download a copy of our latest newsletter.


Our focus

Our focus is Epping Forest, managed by the City of London Corporation. We operate throughout the Forest, working closely with the City of London Corporation, contributing to habitat management through our Green Team and Happy Loppers, a group with learning difficulties.

We want to inspire people; leading guided walks open to all throughout the Forest, including the annual Epping Forest ‘celebration’ walk and operate the Epping Forest Visitor Centre at High Beach. We are also actively involved in consultative committees and respond to development proposals and plans which could threaten the Forest, supporting proposals and objecting to threats as appropriate.
We work with a variety of adults and young people including schools, special needs groups, volunteer groups and community groups.

Our operational aims are to:

  1. TAKE ACTION. To involve people and resources in its conservation, protection and improvement, supporting the conservation and heritage of the Forest. This would include undertaking practical assistance in the Forest, conservation work parties and projects.
  2. STAND UP FOR THE FOREST. This includes, for example, responding to planning applications, responding to strategies and policies potentially affecting the Forest; contributing to the Consultative Forum and the EF & Commons Committee and responding to the EFDC local Plan.
  3. INCREASE AWARENESS AND UNDERSTANDING/TO INSPIRE PEOPLE. This includes our guided walks, talks, the Epping Forest Celebration Walk, operating the Epping Forest Visitor Centre at High Beach and occasional publications.
  4. ENCOURAGE INDIVIDUAL ACTION FOR WILDLIFE AND THE ENVIRONMENT. This includes for example sessions for young people learning how to care for their environment.


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